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ARTisSpectrum 是当代艺术杂志由亚高洛画廊每两年发表一次。它的文章包含许多艺术世界不同领域的专业人士,且在处理最近艺术界的动态,追踪纽约切尔西艺术区的发展,并提供建议给艺术家关于广泛的问题。该杂志还描写有才华的艺术家,所有的艺术家以列入杂志来代表亚高洛画廊。高级代表包括半页艺术家的个人主页,入选作品图像和艺术评论家写的评论。

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Readers' Feedback

Yet another excellent edition of this erudite and informative art magazine. It is lavishly illustrated, plus photographs of first nights and even small travelogues on New York. What more could you ask for? A voluminous delight for all art lovers, a beautifully produced magazine not to be missed.
David W.Whitfield

Very high quality magazine, contents of the magazine are very interesting! Really allows artists the opportunity to show their works to the world!
Hao Jing

ARTisSpectrum makes an ideal vehicle for artists to forward their work. I especially like the online version which makes it easily accessible to friends, curators and gallery owners alike.
Ian Kingsford-Smith

I always can't wait to read the new ARTisSpectrum Magazine when it is published. Each time I'm amazed by the creativity and professionalism of the ARTisSpectrum team. Each issue brings pure joy and a learning experience for us artists.
Kristina Garon

The Healing Power of Art was very interesting for me given the areas I work in within my local community. I love this humanitarian focus to Agora Gallery, which I haven't come across in any other gallery. I was also very pleased to see great photographs as “artworks” alongside paintings. Seeing that photo of the HIghline just makes me want to come to New York and experience it. Fingers crossed I'll make it over the 'pond' early next summer so I can walk along it and pop into Agora Gallery too! Over all I thought the issue was very interesting and I liked the layout.
Karen Greville-Smith

I always enjoy getting to know what my fellow artists around the globe are doing, and I love reading the informative articles.
Brenda Ness-Cooper

Another robust issue with great art! Best issue this year, I thought. Really enjoyed the artwork of Koya, Gilberto Gillo, Pierre Leclerc, Concha Osun, Haviv Hauspeter, Colin Grant, and Kristina Garon!
Paul Hartel

Gorgeous and glossy and filled to the brim with exciting artwork from all over the world. Really loved the article “Looking for Renoir in the South of France.”
Michelle Endersby

I have enjoyed reading the magazine very much. The profiles of the different artists from all over the world reflect my own thoughts about art. The layout of the magazine is effective in balancing longer articles with shorter profiles. My daughter, who is not an artist, is now "hooked.”
Ludmila Kouzmin