Art to Heart
February 7 - February 27, 2013 | Reception: February 7, 2013 6PM - 8PM

Since 1963 February has been celebrated as American Heart Month. In keeping with this tradition, Agora Gallery is hosting a special event "Art to Heart" in support of the Children's Heart Foundation. Artists in the February exhibition have created a collection of small works specifically made to honor little hearts all over the world. The entire sales proceeds from the sales of these particular pieces of art will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation. Entrance is free and all art enthusiasts are warmly welcomed to attend and meet some of the artists responsible for creating these remarkable works of art.

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Featured Artists
Nazik Aslanyan | Wendy Carmichael-Bauld | Escoto.Carrara | Jennifer Contini Enderby |
Anne-Marie Crosby | Dinah Cross James | Silvana Di Martino | Dr. Diane M. Kline |
Krzis-Lorent FrédériqueK | Gary Iles | Gabriele Maurus | Blanca Plata | Martyn Royce | Christine Sellman