François-Jérôme Bringuier


François-Jérôme Bringuier is an oil painter based in the mountainous region of Cévennes, France. Born into a family of art lovers and intellectuals, he was exposed to prominent French artists and collectors from a very young age. After traveling extensively across Europe and the United States, he rediscovered a deep-rooted connection with his family heritage and ancestral homes.

His passion for masonry and landscaping and the vibratory essence of raw materials and rocks became fertile ground for his artistic practice. As a result, Bringuier prefers to use a spatula and plastering tools, instead of a traditional brush. He favors natural pigments and safflower oil and incorporates citrus essences to add a new layer of sensorial perception to his work. In an effort to draw attention to the potential environmental dangers faced by our planet, Bringuier depicts desolate, barren landscapes or imaginary civilizations, after the disappearance of man. Feelings of despair and gloom are palpable, yet a glimmer of hope shimmers through his hazy deserted expanses, preluding a new cycle of abundance and rebirth.

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