David Syre


David Syre is a self-taught multi-disciplinary visual artist who creates large-scale acrylic paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installation-specific pieces. In his creative process, the artist draws inspiration from his travels, his subconscious mind, and the natural world. He combines bold lines and vivid colors with archetypal symbols, numbers and words referencing the moment of creation. He produces his pieces at an accelerated pace, conveying the spontaneity and authenticity of a single expressive moment.

Syre’s creativity is inspired by an ever evolving psyche and internal dialogue; spontaneously manifested as an intuitive offering. He creates pieces daily on an endless array of subjects – always exploring new topics and perfecting his craft. His representations of the countryside, dreams, people, and creative visions are expressed with different styles ranging from abstractionism to action painting, minimalism, and surrealism. The artist has developed an intimate relationship with nature and landscape as a symbol of realization, intuition, power, and creation.

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