Aaron Cristofaro


Aaron Cristofaro is a landscape artist, especially inspired by the landscape around his childhood home of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The U.S.-based artist studied fine art from London, England, and cultivated an admiration for traditional oil painting techniques from an early age. Cristofaro depicts classic landscape and seascape content with a distinct twist. He particularly enjoys painting waterfalls and bodies of water, capturing movement and glimmers of light reflected on the water’s surface. The artist predominantly uses oil paints, but also creates with watercolors, graphite, and acrylic paints for certain works.

To gain inspiration for future compositions, Cristofaro takes nature walks in the woods. He has studied the work of the Old Masters from the Medieval and Renaissance periods for decades and continues to learn and practice techniques. As a classical painter, Cristofaro focuses on realistically depicting the beauty and the awe of natural landscapes. Cristofaro hopes to share his work with a broad audience and is digitally represented by Agora Gallery.

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