Westby and Mercier
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Westby and Mercier


September 26 – October 17, 2017
Reception: Thursday, September 28, 2017 6-8 PM

The encounter between the Painter, Chantal Westby, and the Photographer, Lénaïc Mercier, was one of those fortunate meetings between two artists who immediately realize they share a common vision. This meeting, and the realization of their shared passion, occurred at the time of Chantal’s exbihition «Kaleidoscope» in Nantes, France in 2014. Although traditionally painting and artistic photography are considered parallel disciplines, they decided to combine their talents in a collaborative project entitled «FIAT#LUX».

Lénaïc’s unique photographic gaze imparts a dreamlike quality to the scene as Chantal creates highly emotional works utilizing Chinese inks and natural mineral pigments. Before the camera’s eye the painter’s hand poses the brush on the canvas and the ensuing mixture of inks and pigments is registered in a unique combination of two artistic disciplines.

Through their project, Lénaïc and Chantal seek to provide a completely immersive experience, just as they had experienced during its creation. It is this creative universe, its sights, scents and sounds that they wish to share with the public.

Thanks to modern technical devices, video mapping, lights and diffusion of different scents and timeless sounds and the music composed by Moby, they will be able to immerse the visitors into their creative world, making them react to the art and interact intimately with it, thus bringing the paintings and photographs to life.

In order to create a complete surprise for the public, all the paintings and the photographs will be unveiled only during the exhibition.

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