Sergey Iakovlev (Яковлев)
Digitally Represented Artist
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Sergey Iakovlev (Яковлев)


Digitally Represented Artist

Artist Sergey Iakovlev (Яковлев) is known for creating abstract oil paintings with colorful geometric shapes and kaleidoscope-like patterns. Taking cues from Futurism, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism, the artist weaves a delicate tapestry of line and color. Different shapes and tones collide in the frame, pulling the viewer in multiple directions simultaneously. Like a town, country or community, these competing factions try to coexist under the same roof, creating tension and depth in the frame.

Influenced by his upbringing in the Soviet Union, Sergey Iakovlev (Яковлев) hints at themes of free speech, liberty, and optimism in his paintings. Yellow and orange beams call out to the heavens in nearly every frame. In Angel, a bird-like creature stands tall above the chaos. In Blue Bird, a searing red eye perches on the back of a majestic blue bird. In Capitol, eyes gaze out at a radiant capitol, yearning for truth and justice. By commenting on these themes again and again, the artist captures his own sense of longing for a brighter tomorrow, using painting and art as a window into another world.

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