Rebecca Flores


Rebecca Flores describes her wild and intricate work as her way to unlock her spirit, freedom, and communication. Flores combines acrylic and enamel on the canvas to create paintings that have an array of textures, from airy washes to spiky dashes. She uses color instinctively – saturation and neon are thrown together with whites and grays for an energizing, playful effect.

Flores moves between representational and abstract with great fluidity. When depicting real things, she drips paint in long strings that build up to form an image in the foreground. The change between thick and thin paint, as well as Flores’s animated drawing hand, results in a highly unique, vibrant pictorial language. She carries this technique over to her abstracts, where, instead of forming specific scenes, the thick drips are used to illustrate broad concepts.

Flores was born in New York City and today lives in Cranston, Rhode Island, where she works as an artist and art instructor. She is the founder of the Natasha Love Foundation for non-violence.

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