Makoto Oshima


Makoto Oshima’s heart beats to the rhythm of nature; whether quietly listening to the surface of the earth or pulsating to the stirring vibrations of a full moon. His free-flowing paintings exalt the beauty of the land where he was born and raised; the splendid countryside surrounding Ichinomiya City, Japan, one of the last few areas unspoiled by modern civilization. Unhindered from any compositional restrictions, Oshima’s works are fleeting impressions, stemming from his calm observation of the natural world. He engages in a dialogue with himself; reflecting man’s ongoing struggle to live in harmony with his environment. Working solely with acrylics, Oshima moves the paint across the canvas with sweeping melodious gestures, creating images of striking poetic force.

A painter and art instructor, Oshima earned a master’s degree from Aichi University of the Arts. He has exhibited his work extensively in galleries and museums in Japan and received numerous accolades throughout his career. His latest collection of paintings titled “Reclaimed Land,” was recently on view at Galleria Kookos in Helsinki, Finland.

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