Lori Stanford


Lori Stanford’s molten silhouettes and alternative personifications congregate on canvas to tell the tales of human interconnection, livelihood, and other complexities. Her color tones are diverse, ranging from sensitive pastels to vivid cools and anything else delicate, electric, or in between. Stanford has several collections of work that serve to express their own particular narrative. Crowd Identity poses colorful crowds of humanistic shapes to illuminate the value of diversity in a community; Landscape of My Subconscious pulls intuitively from Stanford’s inner mind to create thick, gestured abstractions of their influence; Racism in America utilizes emotive designs of oil paintings and mixed medias to investigate systemic racism in the country and how it’s actively contributed to and upheld; It’s Personal presents humanity’s familiar and unfamiliar interrelations in the suggested forms of people embracing, consoling, and simply, living life. “The polarization and animosity palpable in our society today, despite having a common enemy (Covid-19) to overcome, has directed me to focus on conveying empathy, human interconnectedness, and diversity through my work,” she says.

Stanford received her MD in Medicine from UCLA. She is a retired physician and presently, a full time artist. She practices her craft out of her home studio in Los Angeles, California. Besides oil on canvas, Stanford is also keen on creating mixed media art–specifically papier-mâché sculptures. Her other hobbies include gardening, hiking with family, and learning Portuguese.

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