Joel Douek


Joel Douek began his career in the arts as a composer. After writing music for film and television over many years, he felt compelled to express himself in a broader way, and thus his path as a visual artist emerged. Douek was born in the United Kingdom and now lives and works in Los Angeles. He is also co-founder of EccoVR, a sound and music company dedicated to virtual reality and new forms of immersive media. Douek’s range extends from music and the virtual sphere to his aptitude for manipulating real and raw materials, often with gold and metal leaf. His artistic career is an exploration of creative analogies, often testing the equivalences in purpose and expression between art and music.

Douek is fascinated in materials with a history, like weathered metals and reclaimed woods. Rather than using paints and conventional techniques, he explores the deeper potential of his mediums using processes of oxidation to reveal colors, textures, and other properties. Embodied in his approach is the sharing of authorship, a creative conversation between nature, the materials and himself as the artist. Douek has exhibited in many different countries and has also won awards in various competitions like ArtVista and the Fusion Waterscapes Competition. His work resonates precisely because its message is subtly delivered through a concretely honed aesthetic

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