J.H. Rebelato
The Figure and Unknown Places
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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J.H. Rebelato


The Figure and Unknown Places
July 7 – July 27, 2018
Reception: Thursday, July 12, 2018 6-8 PM

Brazil born, Massachusetts based artist J.H. Rebelato paints oil on canvas abstractions that utilize blocks of bold pigment and embrace the full spectrum of the color wheel. Hovering shapes and layered patterns create a sense of spatial depth in these playful works; the effect creates multicolored dream worlds. Aiming to capture moments of genuine pleasure and happiness, Rebelato pursues painting as an earnest effort to find perfection in the world.

In his work titled E 202B, Rebelato uses one point perspective and creates discrete spaces using color, pattern, and form. The artist juxtaposes recognizable objects—pots or vases—with purely abstract patterning in this composition that operates as a patchwork of real world and illusory world. Meanwhile, E 204A is an entirely flattened work that calls attention to the two dimensional nature of the picture plane and utilizes analogous colors to create a sense of clarity and order in an otherwise bold composition. Finally, in E 01, Rebelato fractures space with patterning that mimics a bright shaft of light illuminating a darkened scene. In each work, the artist uses bold color to evoke a mood, capture a sentiment, or convey a point of view.