Irina Mauler
Digitally Represented Artist
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Irina Mauler

Artist Irina Mauler was born in Ukraine and lived in Moscow, Russia, for an extensive period of her life. Mauler is currently residing in Israel, where the country itself profoundly influences her creative process: “There is a lot of sun and light, a lot of energy, few opportunities, but many desires,” said the artist. Mauler’s giclee prints dance with the energy of wishes; indeed, invoking Mauler’s love for theater, internal beauty, and nature. Colorful, poetic and lyrical, the pieces take on a tune of their own, as wispy reds, blushing greens and dusty blues fill the frame with an air of playfulness, igniting a passion for life.

Mauler, who works as an engineer, combines her love for work with her love for art. “It is hard for me to live in the dark. I live and feel here and now. Perhaps this is happiness,” said the artist. Fusing poetry and song into her creative work, it is precisely the harmonious nature of her process that allows the artist to grow— her figurative thinking often reflected on the canvas. Mauler has exhibited her work in Israel, Poland, Venice, Barcelona, and Paris; receiving multiple awards at five international bard festivals for her songs, as well as winning awards for painting, Canaletto in Venice and Velazquez in Barcelona, which are known for their international contribution to fine art.