Hiroko Saigusa
Spectrum Miami
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Hiroko Saigusa


Spectrum Miami
December 5 – December 9, 2018
Reception: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 6-8 PM

Hiroko Saigusa’s vibrant, energetic abstractions arrest the eye. So skillful is the artist at weaving patterns of colors, lines and shapes, that she is able to communicate a broad spectrum of emotion without recourse to figuration. Saigusa describes herself as too impatient to be caught up in figuration. She seeks immediate expression of the feelings and sensations that drive human emotion through the vocabulary of abstraction. Her recent paintings such as Born and Fireworks are impressively inventive in their treatment of a deliberately limited range colors and repeated shapes.

A juxtaposition between the paintings Candy and Television is particularly revealing. Although in these works the artist makes use of similar shapes and patterns, she achieves an entirely different effect by simply switching the direction of the patterns from horizontal in Candy to the vertical in Television. Subtle changes in the sizes of the shapes contribute to an entirely different feeling in the latter painting. Born in Japan, the artist is influenced by activities such as textile, fashion, and space design. She resides in Tokyo, Japan.