Harry T. Burleigh
Digitally Represented Artist
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Harry T. Burleigh

Having an early influence from his great grandfather’s legacy, the original Harry T. Burleigh, Harry T. Burleigh III himself embarked on his own artistic journey in which he explores his own style and techniques. As an artist, graphic designer, screenwriter and musician, Burleigh draws from his abundant creativity and imagination in his work.

Burleigh graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. With the use of traditional and technical practices, his medium embraces oils, acrylics, and graphite on canvas. When he creates his works, the artist sketches wild surrealistic, abstract images while listening to music. Once he applies paint to canvas, the artist allows the brush to dictate the direction in which the piece will go. The process is as important as the outcome, which he describes as very personal and meditative. His swirling, active, and lively imagery is open for the viewer to interpret with their own imagination.

He recently received the Collector's Vision International Art Award from Contemporary Art Curator Magazine and the Certificate of Artistic Excellence from J Mane Gallery. Additionally, his work was published in Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 22, in March 2021.