Graciela Bosoglanian
Enigmatic Realms
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Graciela Bosoglanian


Enigmatic Realms
December 29 – January 18, 2017
Reception: Thursday, December 29, 2016 6-8 PM

The hyperrealistic paintings of Graciela Bosoglanian are a symphony of color and texture. Inspired by her travels and a curiosity for other cultures and peoples, Bosoglanian explores different styles and subjects in her work. She prefers painting with oil pigments, although occasionally she’ll mix oil with acrylic, applying the paint with a spatula to give her pieces their unique, sculpted effect–something that's particularly impactful in Bosoglanian’s water landscapes and still lifes. Although her subjects are figurative and strikingly naturalistic, in concept Bosoglanian’s pieces can be very abstract, commenting on topics such as human rights, freedom, youth, beauty, attractiveness, and "the other" in a way that leaves her work open and accessible to her viewers’ interpretations and responses. 

Bosoglanian was born and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she also works as a medical doctor. She recently decided to follow her passion and study art, attending art history workshops and taking classes on drawing, painting, watercolor, and different pastel techniques at various schools, including the Asociation Amigos del Museo de Bella's Artes.