Bex Wilkinson


Bex Wilkinson is a full time multimedia artist working predominantly in abstract and still live painting. The Chicago born multi-dimensional artist skillfully employs acrylic pastel and gouache on canvas and paper to create both large and small scale pieces that are as informed and engaging. She explores emotional, political, and psychological content across her lively, striking pieces. 

Wilkinson’s formal art education began at The Art Institute of Chicago and Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where she received her BA. To further her studies, went on to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has found enduring influence from the German and French Expressionists, a group of artists whose works helped her express the paradox of what she observed as the human condition. 

Following the loss of a loved one to suicide, Wilkinson dove into themes of death and mortality. While her work often acknowledges difficult topics, the narrative never becomes stagnantly negative. Rather, her work is a search for beauty, growth, and occasionally humor, within the terror of grim circumstances.

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