Alexander Seccombe


Alexander Seccombe is an English artist living and working in Savannah, Georgia (USA). The artist creates textured abstract expressionist pieces using fine acrylic paints, gouache, ink, oil, water, polymer mediums, as well as other materials including the use of naturally found objects as paint applicators; all applied with various techniques- such as blade scraping, onto custom-made cotton canvases,. He describes his method as 'attacking the canvas', as he emotionally and energetically administers gestural strokes amidst organic, raw, and textured details. His works are defined by their bold color schemes, textured surface, and emotionally-driven dynamic energy.

The self-taught artist holds a BA in Art History from Oxford Brookes University (UK). Being exposed to different cultures, countries, communities and environments from a young age has greatly inspired and informed his artistic practice. He draws inspiration from his travels, which have taken him everywhere from off-the-grid exotic islands, to major urban cities in both hemispheres, packed with era-defining art and architecture, and cultural and historical treasures.

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