Aila Snickars


Finnish artist Aila Snickars is a painter whose brilliantly colorful work evokes a modernist spirit and technique while also paying homage to the simple lines and forms of ancient figurative art. Working predominantly using acrylic and watercolor, Snickars has a fondness for large and colorful compositions that attempt to eliminate superfluous details to get at the essence of what she is depicting. This can most strongly be seen in her figurative work; she creates strong yet minimal lines to hint at the motion and elicits her subject's emotions while letting the vibrant washes of color envelop the composition.

Born in Finland, Snickars developed a fondness for painting at a young age while painting porcelains. She attended art schools in both Finland and Italy, and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden where she is a full-time artist exhibiting work internationally. She is dedicated to finding her way in her art and looks to create a balance between her impulse to create while questioning provocation for her viewers.

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