(Jenny) Hao Xu


Hao Xu, an award-winning Chinese artist, creates colorful and expressive abstract compositions on canvas. Inspired by her background in film, and 20th- century abstract expressionist Zao Wou-Ki, action painter Jackson Pollack, and impressionist Henri Matisse, Xu uses color and motion to explore her feelings. The artist layers non-representational pigments with systems of saturated reds, blues, greens, and gold. Gray tones revealed through the mixing of hues galvanize a sense of depth. For Xu, white backgrounds represent the calm after the storm.

In a process that begins with meditation, Xu reaches into the recesses of her heart and uncovers emotionally charged memories of love, loss, transformation, and acceptance. Xu wields her brush, dragging and dripping acrylic pigment with waves of movement. Gestural mark-making slides across the substrate like a mysterious script that explodes from the freedom and frenzy of streaming consciousness. Blurred patches of paint seem like sped-up film clips. Visceral remembrance becomes material documentation. Xu presents the viewer with a painterly tome for a storied self-discovery.

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