olga loschinina
Life is But a Dream
Agora Gallery
New York,NY
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Life is But a Dream
May 22 - June 12, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 24, 2018, 6-8 pm
Rorbu (Fisherman Houses)

Rorbu (Fisherman Houses) Photograph on Plexiglass 20" x 59"

Olga Loschinina’s breathtaking photographs seamlessly capture the sublime grandeur of the natural world we inhabit. The artist’s works are often rife with vibrant color, a pristine, nearly microscopic clarity and a sense of scale that reminds her audiences of the colossal breadth of the earth’s most natural monuments.

In works such as Rorbu (Fisherman Houses) (2017), clusters of dockside coastal dwellings impend upon an icy Norwegian sea. A group of towering, snow-capped mountains rise above the dwellings in the background, partially obscured by a thick layer of fog towards the top of the composition. Only a faint silhouette of a nearly gargantuan mountain allows the viewer to comprehend the vast difference in proportion between man and nature. The artist explains: “When I witness different flashes of life, I try to catch and revive them, prolong these moments and share them with the public by displaying my works.”

Olga Loschinina Up-close
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Olga<br />Loschinina Up-close
Olga<br />Loschinina Up-close
Olga<br />Loschinina Up-close
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