Many consider Chelsea the art district of the world, and there’s a reason you’ll find so many fashion schools near all these art galleries: the creative-minded feed off of each other, no matter their discipline. At Agora Gallery, we’ve taken note of our guests and their creative garb. Below, enjoy the 10 best dressed guests of 2014 (and one notable contender from 2013).

10. Flapper-style beaded headband – a classy throwback to a classy decade of New York history.


9. Mohawk-knit hat & leather jacket. Stayin’ bold in the cold.

Artwork seen: James Chisholm – Millbrook Algae Boxford

8. This amazing couple donned their self-made fashions and stopped by for Agora Gallery’s “Wearable Art Photo Shoot” as part of the Chelsea Art Walk.

Artwork seen: Joe Abou Jawdeh‘s Conflict of Belonging & Whistle of Unnatural

7. Artist Liedeke Bulder pays homage to her Hawaiian home and her botanical artwork with her flowery accessories.Liedeke Bulder

6. Can you ever go wrong with the ‘little black dress’ & heels?

Artwork seen: Mary Dutra‘s The Alice and the Yellow Giraffe II, Opposite View II, and Outside II

5. Artist Olga Federova might as well be fresh off the runway in that trés stylish dress.

Artwork seen: Ouni Mam‘s Les Femmes lumiére

4. Loving this elegant top seen on Elke McDonald!

Elke McDonald and her works Paisaje Mistico and La Virgen de la Leche

3. “So, which work is yours?”

Takuya Sasaki and his works Passion and Coexistence

2. The makeup, the headwraps, the jewelry… these beautiful women rocked it with Peter Watson’s digital art.

Artwork seen: Peter Watson‘s Kiss

1. Yes, this is a picture from 2013, but we HAD to give an honorable mention to this visitor, who was sporting the finest candy vest, candy bowtie, and candy glasses combo we’d ever seen.


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