The Prodigy of Color: Aelita Andre / a Solo Exhibition

This June a truly unusual exhibition is coming to Gallery II. The artworks in the show are full of artistic energy, lively immediacy and a joyful sense of exploration – and they are part of the creative output of a four-year-old child. The prodigy in question is Aelita Andre, the girl who has exhibited around the world, been featured in the international press and appeared on major television programs such as 60 Minutes and Today Tonight. She is also a member of NAVA, Australia’s National Association for the Visual Arts.

As you would expect from someone with such an impressive biography, Aelita’s art has a raw power that leaves viewers with a majestic impression of pure talent unearthed. Magnificently unrestrained, she channels a curiosity and vivacity so strong that it can easily be felt through her paintings, almost as if it constitutes a tangible force in the world.

There is nothing formulaic about Aelita’s work. She obviously takes pleasure in branching out, continually finding new challenges and techniques to help her create in the way she desires. As well as her ability to use a range of tools – from brushes to spatulas to fingers and hands – she also experiments with a variety of materials, sometimes including objects she has found such as leaves, twigs, glitter and gold leaf to give a piece a three-dimensional relief.

The story of how Aelita became a worldwide art sensation is an engaging one. Both of her parents are professional artists, and so paper, canvas and paints were always available in abundance as their daughter began to explore the world around her. Like many children, she loved to express herself artistically from an early age – but her parents’ trained eyes were able to see that there was something breathtakingly unique and powerful about her work that bore no resemblance to common childhood scribbles.

Without explaining who Aelita was or about her age, her mother showed some examples of her art to the curator of an exhibition she was herself due to take part in – and he was so impressed that he asked to get in touch with the artist so that he could include the work he had been shown! Once the identity of the artist was explained to him, he remained undaunted – the quality of the work proved that it should be included in the exhibition together with that of talented professional artists, regardless of the age of its creator. Since then Aelita has gained prestige throughout the world, and her paintings are held in collections in Europe, Asia and Australia. Britain’s BBC even congratulated her on her second birthday!

Yet despite all her fame and international travel, she continues to maintain a child’s innocent perspective, letting her non-judgmental, hectic perceptions and fantasies spill out into her art in a passionate flurry of color and form. What results has a whimsical sense of freedom and movement, as if anything could happen at any moment – and that, if it did, we would all be ready to jump in and engage with whatever it might be.

The Prodigy of Color is Aelita’s first solo show in New York City. It opens on June 4, 2011 and continues until June 25, 2011. The opening reception will take place on June 4, 2011, the same day that the exhibition opens, and as always entrance is free and we encourage all art-lovers who can make it to come and experience this genuinely remarkable event. You can find out more about Aelita on her website, and purchase her artwork on ARTmine.


  • Seems rather exploitative by the parents and the gallery. Random color does not constitute fine art, imho.

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  • de Kooning must be turning over in his grave, with envy.

    You can’t get much purer than that.

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  • very nice …. devoloped creativity…flaxible …i m staying with lines -colors-last look of landscape ..hardly beutiful abstraction….

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  • Breathtaking and beautiful work from someone so young. I normally don’t leave comments, but there are so many awful things being said about this gifted child and her parents, that I felt compelled to leave something positive. For this child to have parents that helped her open up to her potential is a true blessing. If I was in New York, I’d go to this exhibit.

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  • Bankole Ajibola Abe

    Pure, undistorted intuitive art for those who are inwardly alive

  • richard gordon

    She’s incredible. Her sence of harmony and rhythmic flow is almost musical in its context.

  • I’m happy to see how much she enjoys exploring painting and colors but it’s a stretch to call her a “prodigy”. She should be continually encouraged to refine her talent, though.

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  • Did you ever see the documentary, “my kid could paint that!”?

  • She’s incredible. Her sence of harmony and rhythmic flow is almost musical in its context. – SENCOE OF HARMONY.. ITS CHARMONY OF CHAOS. AN ACCIDENT.. I THINK U DONT UDERSTAND WHAT IS HARMONY..

  • Aelita is an amazingly talented little girl. Of course having 2 artists as parents, and being allowed to throw paint around indoors does give you a lot more options to discover your artistic talent than most small children, who are limited to a set of watercolors, a single brush and a small table to paint at.

  • Reality TV on a canvas. Very clever.
    I think her choice of titles is the most impressive aspect of her creativity=the way she connects concept with the visual fields she so effortlessly creates.

  • LOL! no offence but every child could “paint” something like that. it’s actually not creating but splashing paint around. but no worries, these days snobs will buy everything 🙂

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  • Come off it this is just a kid playing with paint…………………… and that’s exactly what it looks like. Most 4 year olds could do as well with the encouragement she receives to use multiple material and color.

    Agree it has artistic appeal but that is just because of its natural uninhibited pattern that was not planned out but totally random.

    Look around the world is full of similar naturally occurring so called art randomly created, sure it looks very interesting and appealing if examined closely. A splatter of mud, a collection of pollen swirl or leaves broken and blown against a wall all can haves such artistic appearance.

  • Lydía Angelíka

    wow what a great talent she has been given. This video of her has blown my mind, I just want to come all the way from Iceland and see that little talented girls talent with my own two eyes! And that her parents are both artists gives her a much bigger opportunity to train her skills and mature as the artist that she is.

  • Wow. What a gift it would be to be allowed the space, resources and freedom to create with such pure, raw creativity. What a lucky, talented and beautiful child! It is sad however that all children do not have access to such artistic freedom, and I wonder what kind of world we would live in if they did.
    Truly inspiring. May your gift bring joy to many 🙂

  • My kid (also the child of 2 artist parents) exhibited in a commercial gallery at age 22 months and exhibits the same ability to create “AMAZING” artwork. We however, have not chosen to exploit this beautiful creative talent by promoting the work as anything other than it is….a child’s joyful response to being provided with a range of materials and unlimited opportunity to make messes with paint and huge canvases. Why do people think this so amazing? Beats me. All kids have the same potential if only given the materials, time and opportunity to experiment. Unfortunately few children (other than those with artist parents) are given free range to develop their creative potential.

  • i think her work is absolutely beautiful! The innocence of the work is what i love the most, its pure and its what i think art is truly made of!

  • …..yragentman Says:
    Seems rather exploitative by the parents and the gallery. Random color does not constitute fine art, imho……

    That seems you know what constitute the fine art? Lucky men, you should write the book now, to teach silly people.

  • SUPERFICIAL ! Let children play and be children! (Dont’t try to understand their play as art. It might be even more…..) Let artists create and seek the innocent attitude. Free us for this meaningless mix.

  • Wow, Aelita Andre, Wonderful you are. More than that, I appreciate yr parents for the freedom they have showered on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My kisses to yu – Leela Menon

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  • Yo tambien pienso que si le damos la posibilidad de experimentar a los niños, son capaces de cosas como estas y más.
    Lo que no veo bien, es que una galeria que se precie de cierto prestigio y que tenga una cartera de artistas, le de publicidad a este tipo de cosas. La niña es divina y me encanta lo que hace, pero no lo veo muy bien que se esten tomando esto enserio y menos sus padres que ya la estan explotando….

  • Prodigy?? The only thing that makes this girl any more of an artist than any other toddler is that she she’s painting on canvases that cost $120 +, and using and endless supply of pricey acrylics – not to mention working in a private studio. Most parents draw the line at crayons.

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  • So glad for you and for your work and this one will definitely rock

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  • This is junk, whats wrong with the art world? any child can pull this off, theres no thought, skill or rhyme of reason….its art because you call it art? thats a crock, people are so gullible, If a gallery said jump off a bridge im sure most of you would and call it art

  • Her art IS beautiful, but then again I truly believe that ANY child given such circumstances could create unique and beautiful art. This girl has had exposure to unlimited amounts of canvas, paints, brushes, and any other creative miscellaneous she could desire to do with as she pleased. Think about how nearly any child would go to town and have a hay day creating in this way. Her art is unique to a degree that it is from her and can’t essentially be repeated, but at the same time I’m certain nearly any child given such range and freedom could also create equally vivid fun expression!

    Besides, art isn’t necessarily supposed to be about skill, but rather the feelings it evokes in others. What is scribbles to one could be something beautiful and meaningful to another. Surely this girl was just having fun, but does it matter, if others are enjoying it? Forward the frontier, I say!

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  • Picasso, guardando i bambini disegnare, diceva: “Quando avevo la loro età, sapevo dipingere come Raffaello: mi ci è voluta l’intera vita per imparare a dipingere come loro”

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  • Absolute rubbish.

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  • My three year old can do the same thing. I don’t think it’s “talent” when you are spraying paint.

  • Well I think if al of your children can do it, then you should all “try” and make money like she is and “try” to be successful. Sorry but she’s 4 get over the jealousy and learn to be humble. I think its beautiful, look a little closer and try to see what this mind of innocence was thinking, yes even children have thoughts, plus they;re alot less judgements.

  • Me encanta ver como ella disfruta esparcir la pintura.Todo niño mezcla los colores y el final es un tono oscuro.Me parece que le han enseñado a manejar eso y lo que mas influye en el final es el color de fondo, que eso no lo hace ni decide ella o, el unir varias canvas…en mi concepto hay alguien mas detras de ella para esos detalles. Pero me encanta esa libertad de expresion, sin importar que se manche o vuelva todo una nada…

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  • Its not ‘great art’ whatever that is, but it shows the same spirit as major art works and the artists that produce it/them have.
    I love her liberal spirit, left to play with her tools and materials she produces work that features the same processes that older, ‘established’ artists use, discovery, experiment, creating a look and then working ‘with’ it – like making and exploiting a theme. She’s perfectly legitimate in what she does, I love her workroom, congratulations to her parents for giving her the opportunities that allow her to freely express herself, all kids should have these opportunities.

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