Metamorphosis: Solo Exhibition featuring the work of VéroniKaH

During the holiday period, Agora Gallery will be hosting an exhibition by a Montreal artist who truly found life through art. Between December 16, 2010 and January 7, 2011, Gallery II will feature the work of the talented VéroniKaH, and visitors will have the opportunity to be both warmed and invigorated by her art. The opening reception will be on December 16, 2010 and art-lovers are encouraged to attend and take the chance to meet the artist in person.

VéroniKaH is an artist whose works have an otherworldly, ethereal charm as they combine abstract backgrounds with often indistinct forms, encouraging the viewer to connect with what they are seeing and enter into dialog with it. Although she began painting at a time of darkness and distress in her life, that solemnity rarely reaches into her paintings – though when it does it is powerfully poignant. Yet in most cases, the works sparkle and gleam with vivacity and whole-hearted enjoyment of life. It’s an immensely appealing characteristic that the audience cannot help but share. We were delighted to be able to interview her about her work for her forthcoming solo exhibition, and she shared with us the life-changing impact art has had on her life:

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RED: The LEGO® Brick Sculpture of Nathan Sawaya

Agora Gallery is delighted to announce the eagerly-anticipated return of Nathan Sawaya, the artist who creates his remarkable sculptures entirely out of LEGO bricks. This new exhibition, RED, represents a new shift in the career of the internationally famous Sawaya, presenting his most recent works which enter fresh and original territory for both himself and the medium.

We were delighted to be able to interview Nathan personally about his career in an unusual art medium, and about the new turn his work has taken. If you are curious to know what he sees as the quintessential LEGO brick, what he loves about LEGO or how his work fits into the fine art world, read on!

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