New To Artmine: Color

“The craving for color is a natural necessity just as for water and fire. Color is a raw material indispensable to life. At every era of his existence and his history, the human being has associated color with his joys, his actions and his pleasures.” – Fernand Leger

art for colorists

Color has been an informative element throughout the history of art. During the Renaissance, the ultramarine pigment was more expensive than gold, and thus was used in paintings to establish social-class. Contemporary art such as the spot series by Damien Hirst, focuses on the relationship between, and the representation of different colors.

There is a scientific reasoning for how color happens, but this information holds no relevance to humans, who attribute color to their lives in more sentimental ways. People claim ownership over colors by declaring their favorite from a young age. Artist’s declare ownership by manipulating the use of color to create meaning. Whether your favorite color is orange or blue, the wavelengths of light reflecting off of these works are sure to captivate and energize you.

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Agora Gallery’s April 7th Opening Reception

This Thursday, April 7th, Agora Gallery hosted another one of our famous opening receptions, bringing together artists, art lovers, and collectors from around the world. This reception honored 25 superbly talented artists in three exhibitions: Forms and Formalities, East Meets West: An Exhibition of Fine Art from Asia, and In Light of Being: Nonye Ikegwuoha / a solo exhibition. With 20 of the exhibiting artists in attendance, it was quite night!

Gallery Director Angela Di Bello introducing the artists

Gallery Director Angela Di Bello introducing the artists

We caught up with a few of the artists and spoke about where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they’re going to go.

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Art for Gardeners: New to ARTmine

art for gardeners

The garden has always fascinated great artists. From Monet’s Giverny to Van Gogh’s Dabigny, the garden offers artists an infinity of color, texture, and beauty to recreate. Even Banksy tackled the garden in his 2013 NYC “artists residency.”

The motif of the garden draws upon not just natural beauty, but also carries religious connotations. Not only is there the Garden of Eden, but Buddhists also carry a deep spiritual connection to gardens. Whether you love nature because of its beauty, because of the science of botany, or because of its spirituality, these artworks are sure to speak to you.

All of these works are available for sale at

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Celebrate: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is many things: a cultural and religious celebration, the chance to wear your go-to green outfit, and a day when it is internationally acceptable and encouraged to drink copious amounts of alcohol. And while we appreciate each of these modes of celebration, St. Patrick’s Day is the opportunity for something more in the art world. It is a day to acknowledge Irish artists, to be inspired by the incredible Irish landscape (think, the Cliffs of Moher), or even a day to simply try out a green-based palette.

st. patrick's day

Gretchen Minnhaar, “Green Field,” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 36″

Agora Gallery is taking this day to celebrate all that is Irish and green and good by showcasing a few of our artists who have been influenced by these simple things.

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Agora Gallery’s March 10th Opening Reception

New York was finally treated to some true Spring weather this week, just in time for our newest exhibition, From Here to There. The exhibition is aptly titled, as this past Thursday, March 10th, 17 different artists came together at the opening reception to share their stories and their art, whether traveling from the distant Upper West Side or the even further Belgium or Colombia. But they all had one thing in common – as artist Mark Hellweg put it, they all brought their work to “New York City: the middle of universe.”

Gallery Director Angela Di Bello speaking with the exhibiting artists before the reception

Gallery Director Angela Di Bello speaking with the exhibiting artists before the reception

Each work takes the viewer on a different journey, and we had the chance to speak with some of the artists about where their artwork has taken them.

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Black History Month: In Celebration of African Art

Madai Taylor, Darkness Upon the Face of the Deep, Iowa Earth

Madai Taylor, “Darkness Upon the Face of the Deep, Iowa Earth,” Earth & Adhesive on Paper Mounted on Board, 48″ x 48″


Black History Month: the annual celebration of achievements by Africans and African-Americans and a time meant to create awareness about the contributions of the Africans and African Americans in U.S. history. Although every day is an opportunity to recognize the success, creativity, and perseverance of all people, we are happy to contribute to the honoring of this important month by sharing a little bit more about some of our incredible African and African-American Agora artists. Each of these artists comes from a different part of the world and a different background and even artistic style, but what ties them together is the influence that the African culture has had on their work, whether it’s been through their own experiences or through the stories of family and friends.


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Art for Dreamers: New Surreal Art on ARTmine

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” – Salvador Dali

new surreal art header

For the daydreamers among us, the oddballs and “quirky” types: we may not settle for your typical portrait or landscape. No, it’s melting clocks and tangled limbs for us. These surreal artworks, all new to ARTmine, will transport you to a world of the unfamiliar where dreams become reality and reality becomes something altogether new.

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Making A Difference After Retirement: Marlene Kohn and the F4DAE

Marlene Kohn is currently showing in the Modalities of Expression exhibition at Agora Gallery, from November 3rd to November 24th. In addition to producing her intricate, mixed-media abstractions, Marlene has founded The Fund 4 Design & Art Education (F4DAE), a truly inspiring nonprofit with the intention of assisting art students with supplies, guidance, financial assistance, and more.

Marlene Kohn at her November 5th opening reception at Agora Gallery

Marlene Kohn at her November 5th opening reception at Agora Gallery

If you’ve been following Agora Gallery for some time, you’ll know that we’re always encouraging artists to use their work for good causes. It is no surprise, then, that we took to Marlene’s story with great excitement.

We spoke with Marlene about her amazing work with F4DAE. Read on for the full interview.

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Agora Gallery’s November 5th Opening Reception

The three exhibitions on view at Agora Gallery had only been open for two days when we celebrated their reception on Thursday, November 5th, 2015. Thirty-four artists were in attendance, and our guests were more than happy to meet and greet with them all, discussing the creative process and learning the exciting stories behind the works on display. 


In Modalities of Expression, fifteen artists explore form, figure, and place in a range of techniques and media. The Influence of Color shows how every detail, from the shades of blues to the placement of lines, can completely transform any scene. And, in our biannual exhibition Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography, digital and analog photographers present the world in candid portraits, sweeping natural scenes, and even more abstract compositions.

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Agora Gallery’s October 15th Opening Reception

October 15th was a night to remember at Agora Gallery, with our two floors filled to the brim with art lovers, artists, and collectors all here to celebrate the exhibitions Beyond Borders: an Exhibition of Fine Art from Canada, Divergent Realities, and The Verve of Abstraction. There were two introductory segments (one for each floor) in which artists spoke of their backgrounds, inspirations, and processes. Though their stories all ranged, it was clear to see in every artist their excitement, passion, and dedication to the arts. As always, it is fascinating to hear artists’ unique perspectives, and having 28 of them present in one night provided endless fodder for intriguing conversation.

Agora Gallery October 15th Opening Reception Gallery II

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