Twice a year, Agora Gallery publishes a high-end arts magazine, ARTisSpectrum, full of profiles of contemporary artists and feature articles that take insightful looks into the world of art collecting, creating, and curating. Today, the November 2015 issue of ARTisSpectrum has arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited about this edition.

3D ARTisSpectrum Vol 34

Featuring nearly 100 artists in this issue, Vol. 34 of ARTisSpectrum runs the gambit from high-energy abstractions to deeply detailed figurative works. We feature a variety of media: sculpture, print, painting, photography, and more. This beautifully assembled collection is extraordinarily easy to read, with eye-catching artworks on every page: flipping through these pages, any collector, artist, or art lover will be sure to find something that speaks to them.

ARTisSpectrum Spread Profiles

Our writing staff knocked it out of the ballpark once again with this one. In addition to the artist profiles, ARTisSpectrum 34 features two compelling articles about art collecting with a particular focus: art in the workplace. We speak with one of our loyal collectors, Stephen Schwartz, about how he chooses art for his management company, and Steven Barnes presents a well-researched article on the tangible impact that artwork can have on employees in the workplace, featuring real examples from Facebook (and never-before-published images of Facebook’s art-filled offices!) and other companies.

ARTisSpectrum Spread article

A great contribution by Natasha Brandstatter discusses the line between “street art” and gallery art, and how that line is often blurred:

“The art of the street – graffiti, sculpture, and fashion – is at once subversive, direct, and ephemeral. In the 19th century, one could go into a gallery to see the avant-garde art of the time; today, much of what’s considered truly innovative art is found not just in galleries, but on the streets. Because of this, many galleries and museums face the challenge of bringing original street art into their much more traditional walls, while still maintaining the art’s edgy, and often site-specific, characteristics.”

Back by popular demand are our recurring features, The Humanitarians, Evoking the Muse, ARTbeat, and Studio Spaces.

Helgi Gislason Reykjavik

Artist Helgi Gíslason contributed to ARTbeat with his view of the art scene in Reykjavík, Iceland.

  • In The Humanitarians, we learn about the charity work that some of our artists have recently been involved in.
  • Evoking the Muse features the stories of several artists who have recently come to visit New York City, and we hear how this concrete jungle has inspired and influenced their artwork.
  • Meanwhile, ARTbeat takes a look at other art hubs around the world, including Alexander Telin’s take on Malta and Viktoryia Vinnikava’s report on Abu Dhabi.
  • Agora Artist Wallace takes us through her creative process in Studio Spaces.

So what are you waiting for? ARTisSpectrum is available for free at Agora Gallery and in select NYC stores and museums. You can subscribe over on our website, where you can also read earlier issues.

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