If you’re someone who has always loved creating art, but are now considering becoming a professional artist, the most important question you need to ask yourself is how serious you are about your art. Many people who love developing artistic new creations never seriously think about making it their career. Instead it becomes their hobby, and they devote free time to it and decortate their own houses and those of friends with the results. There is nothing wrong with this. Hobbies help people to relax, encourage interesting character traits and conversation and, most importantly, are fun!

If you think you want more, though, you need to think very seriously about it. How much do you love creating your art? How proud are you of the results? If you’re not certain yourself, you can’t expect other people to be. Consult your friends, especially if you have artist friends, and tell them to be honest.

Interior shot of part of the exhibition space of Agora Gallery

If after all this you decide that a life of art really is for you, congratulations! The next step is to decide whether you want to strike out alone – which many artists do – or if you would like to build a relationship with an art gallery who will show your work and help to promote both it and you. Most art galleries will not be willing to work with any artist who does not already have an established following of people who can be relied on to buy their work, but you can consider representational galleries such as Agora Gallery. Galleries of this sort require an annual fee, but they are more likely to accept the work of artists they think have talent, if even they are not yet well known. They also provide greater promotion services than other galleries are likely to do.

When making these important decisions, bear in mind that the most important thing of all is for you to feel comfortable and happy with your decision, and for you to continue loving your art no matter whether it is your hobby, a small personal business, or part of the wider world.

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