A new set of exhibitions has come to Agora Gallery this month, starting from the 7th of May 2009. Portals of Perception hosts a number of artists and brings together a great variety of forms of artistic invention.

Artwork by Lorena Fernandez

The central idea of the exhibition was to illustrate and illuminate both the dazzling variety of the world and the role art and inspiration play in it, encouraging imagination and hope in context of the ordinary and the extraordinary.

This theme is of vital import to artists everywhere, but non-artists will also be touched and charmed by the ethereal note struck by the paintings, individually and as a collective whole.

The range of art can’t really be captured in a blog format, but to give readers a taste – and a sense of the diversity of styles in the paintings which are included in the exhibition – we present two of the works of art which are to take part in Portals of Perception. Houstonian Lorena Fernandez and Florentine Sergio Cerchi are both taking part in the exhibition, and as well as being able to admire their individual talents visitors to Agora Gallery will also be able to appreciate how their different styles and concepts serve to highlight the characteristics and gifts of one another.

Artwork by Sergio Cerchi

For more information about the exhibition – and to sneak a peak at some more of the art work that will be showing there – visit Agora Gallery

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