Artwork by Natalija Cimbaljuk at Agora Gallery's January Reception

An exciting exhibition took place on January 8th 2009. ‘Figuratively speaking, In reverie of form, The revelry of energy’ took place in Agora Gallery’s West Chelsea building, NY.

The exhibition brought together a wide array of artists and styles, through the use of the tripartite theme device often employed by Agora Gallery, home to many of the most exciting contemporary artists. This method allows the organizers to present each exhibition as forming a coherent whole within itself, yet also complementing the other exhibitions present in the gallery at the time.

January Reception - artwork by Karl Orth and Eric Robin

‘Figuratively Speaking’ deals mostly with the questions and concepts surrounding ideas of conflict and the hope or actuality of resolution, whilst by contrast ‘The Revalry of Energy’ focuses more on the artists’ individual narratives and personal experiences. ‘In Reverie of Form’ unites these two themes and also explores the differences between them, through showing artists experimenting with new and different materials and styles.

It may easily be seen how each of these draws out aspects of each of the others, whilst still forming an entity in its own right. In addition, each artist is showed off to best advantage through the use of the gallery’s spacious layout, whilst the work of each also adds to the appreciation of the rest as well as contributing to the overall theme.

A visitor examines artwork at Agora Gallery's January exhibition

It was this special combination of place, people and art that made the event what it was – an excellent beginning to the new art year. We are impatiently looking forward to future events!

More photos can be seen on the Agora Gallery facebook page.

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