The latest issue of Agora Gallery‘s well-known contemporary fine art magazine, ARTisSpectrum, will be out soon! If you’ve subscribed, it should be arriving in your mailbox anytime – and if you haven’t, now is the perfect opportunity to subscribe! You can also pick up a copy in Barnes & Noble, or at stores around Manhattan, or by visiting Agora Gallery in person. Volume 29 is already available to view online, so you can get a sneak preview on the website.

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Of course, ARTisSpectrum is known for its profiles of exciting contemporary artists, making it ideal for anyone looking out for developing talent or collectors wanting to keep up to date. The artists work in a range of styles, mediums and themes, so there’s something to appeal to every taste.

There are also articles about all sorts of issues that interest and are relevant to artists, art lovers and collectors. In ‘How to Become a World Renowned Artist Overnight’ you can learn – well, not quite that, but about the complexities of the professional art world and the different paths you can take into it, as well as get some advice on developing useful contacts and experiences.

‘The Art of Architecture’ looks at the deep connections between visual art and architecture, and the links that artists who are also architects find in their work, while ‘Guide to NY Public Art’ introduces readers to the often-overlooked but always worthwhile public sculpture that contributes to the energy and excitement of New York, and picks out highlights for visitors to the city to check out while they’re here. ‘Traveling Studio’ focuses on the life and work of Jose Antonio Serbia, an artist who works for FEMA and travels the country providing much-needed disaster relief, and how he manages to create art under challenging circumstances.

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In addition, this issue sees returning favorites among its articles, from the popular Evoking the Muse feature in which artists explain what New York means to them, and about the experience of being there and exhibiting in Chelsea, to ARTbeat, where artists from around the world share the secrets of the art that’s worth seeing in their city. The inspiring Humanitarians article spotlights artists working in different ways to improve the lives of those around them and the world more generally, each one employing their specific talents and abilities in the service of their goal. ‘Art Matters’ interviews different collectors, asking them about what attracted them to specific works of art and what they look for when buying a piece.

All this and more is waiting to be discovered – so get ready to sit back with a magazine, and enjoy!

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