Catherine Timotei is a French Corsican artist who resides between Corsica and South Africa. Timotei was born and spent her childhood in the French island of Corsica where strong cultural and ethical values invigorated her to travel the world. Thus, Timotei’s roots, experiences, and life outlook all contributed to her creativity and her work.

Catherine Timotei Reflection on Techni Colors

Reflection on Techni Colors, Oil on Canvas, 79″ x 75″, $7200

Timotei is known throughout the globe as a creator of exuberant and bold colored paintings, which are done in large-scale dimension. Her work draws inspiration from a diverse assemblage of influences, from Renaissance masters to the 20th-Century abstract Expressionism movement. Her artwork strives for an untutored style through a celebration of color, form, contrast, and scale. It was at MoMA, New York, that Timotei experienced for the first time abstract expressionism, which triggered a change in her artist direction and way of painting; she transitioned from a European modernism style to abstract expressionism. This radical shift empowered her to reject the inherited concept that art should copy nature, and since then, visual theories expressed through the abstract became the focus of her work. Critics highly acclaim her artworks for their size, vibrant colors, and expressive notes that draw on critical aesthetics of the most highly regarded and sought-after masters of the arts. Her artistic choices are grounded in a philosophical interest and desire to express emotion and ultimately touch the human soul as the focus of her art is the logic sense, phenomenology about the power of color to undo form acts on the body.

Reflection on Red, Oil on Canvas, 60″ x 48″, $8000

Catherine Timotei believes that in our current age of globalization and modernization, abstract expressionism, with its permanent and timeless presence, is conceivably one of the most recognized historical genres.

With color as the subject of her work, Timotei uses oil paints, a mix of pure color pigment and linseed oil to create her large-scale paintings. The beauty of her work originates from the vibrant colors that inescapably raise emotion to the viewer. Timotei has a unique gift, a natural talent, and attention to detail that enhances her ability to excel in her aesthetic approach to create beauty, through art, to touch the human soul.




“In the increasingly technological environment of the 21st century, we see a revival in the popularity of abstract art and abstract expressionism, with a particularly profound influence on painting and sculpture. Abstract expressionism is often considered for its advancement in painting, creating a form of narrative, which includes the viewer.”

To view Catherine’s works available for sale, visit her ARTmine page.

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