The Right Way To Enter An Art Competition

Art competitions can be a great way to develop your confidence, your career, and even your own understanding of your art. They are like stepping stones in your artistic journey. You get a chance to showcase your works in front of an esteemed jury and gain recognition for your talent. Even if you don’t secure a position at a competition, there will be a whole lot to take away from this journey that can help one grow and evolve as an artist. But what is the right way to enter an art competition? What are the best ways to make sure that your work is seen among the countless other entrants?

art competion

Guests examining the artists’ works at the opening reception for the 31st Chelsea International Fine Art Competition exhibition.

As we geared up for the 33rd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, we decided to publish material that will be of use to artists across the globe who are looking for such opportunities to advance their artistic career.

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3 Benefits Of Entering Art Competitions

Art competitions are an excellent opportunity to grow as an artist and develop your art career. They can benefit you in a number of different ways – exposure, exhibitions, and even self-confidence. Madiha Abdo, an artist represented by Agora Gallery now, who was also one of the winners of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, says, “I consider art competitions and other related opportunities very important for my artistic journey, as they help me get much needed exposure and become more self-confident.”

entering art competitions

A guest of Agora Gallery admiring the works of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition participants.

The jurors in an art competition will often be well-known in the art world, with considerable experience and a good sense of the current market. This makes art competitions a great networking platform and the task of being “discovered” much easier. Prizes are generally chosen to benefit artists in ways that matter, whether it’s the chance to participate in an exhibition, cash, or promotional material or opportunities.

Winning an art competition is a great achievement! It is something you can add to your CV, mention to collectors, and discuss in interviews. However, even just entering art competitions, whether you are selected or not, tells the story about you as an artist.

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Talking Hospitality and Business with David Stanley Hewett

These days, art is not limited – not in style, medium, technique, and certainly not in where it can be shown and enjoyed. Many of Agora Gallery’s artists have taken full advantage of the various opportunities available to contemporary artists, and we wanted to learn a little more about pursuing unique projects and how to use those connections to further your artistic career.

In our first post of the series, we’re speaking with New York-born, Japan-based artist David Stanley Hewett, one of the most well-known foreign artists in Japan. Having held major exhibitions in Japan, Singapore, and the United States, Hewett is known in particular for his abstract works with strong influences from the Samurai code of Bushido and the Japanese Shinto Religion. His works can be seen at The Imperial Hotel, The Okura Hotel, The Peninsula Hotel, Mitsui Trading, and numerous other collections around the world. Having created a large network in the hospitality industry as well as among other businesses, Hewett is always doing something big and new, and we were able to pick his brain and learn his secrets.

David Stanley Hewett with one of his works in the first floor lobby at The Oakwood Premier Tokyo

David Stanley Hewett with one of his works in the first-floor lobby at The Oakwood Premier Tokyo

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When Art Meets the Street: Inspiration from the Montreal MURAL Festival

MURAL Festival on Boulevard Saint Laurent in Montreal

MURAL Festival on Boulevard Saint Laurent in Montreal

For 10 days each summer, the Canadian city of Montreal becomes a mecca for street artists and public art enthusiasts as one of the main thoroughfares in the city, Boulevard Saint Laurent, is transformed into a festival of epic proportions. Montreal’s MURAL Festival took place from June 9-19 this year. Throughout the week, 29 artists in total from all over the world created beautiful murals, participated in exhibitions, and displayed installations on the famous boulevard. Visitors to the festival had the opportunity to witness artists making murals in real time, attend musical events and seminars, enjoy a variety of outdoor exhibitions and installations, plus indulge in the glory that is Canadian gastronomy, aka poutine, on every corner.

“We are the merging point of creative spirits. We are the festive and innovative soul of a city burning with artistry. MURAL opens a portal to new artistic dimensions and unites the community around an authentic vision.” – Montreal MURAL Festival Mission

Haley in front of a mural by ASTRO, 2015

Haley in front of a mural by ASTRO from MURAL Festival 2015 in Montreal

Haley Carloni, one of our gallery assistants, got to experience the festival firsthand. Read on to see her impressions of the festival and how some of our Agora artists are contributing to the wonderful world of street and public art!

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