The 30th volume of Agora Gallery‘s contemporary art magazine, ARTisSpectrum, is now out! You can read it online, pick up a copy in Barnes & Noble, locations across New York, or Agora Gallery, or subscribe to receive it to your door. As always, the magazine is full of fantastic articles to help keep artists, art lovers and collectors up to date on what’s going on in the art world, from profiles of talented artists to advice, information and developing trends.


I sat down with Angela Di Bello, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and Gallery Director of Agora Gallery, to talk about putting ARTisSpectrum together.

There are always so many great articles in ARTisSpectrum! Where do all the ideas come from?

A: The articles evolve over time, I try to focus on issues that concern artists, are topical and will simultaneously enlighten and entertain our audience.

When do you start preparing for a new issue of the magazine?

A: I generally conceive of ideas for articles and features on an ongoing basis; however, I begin to prepare for the new issue as soon as the current issue has been released.

Angela with artist John Walter in front of one of his sculptures

ARTisSpectrum often has such striking covers. What comes first, the idea for the cover article or the idea for the cover itself?

A: The idea comes first, but quite often, because I formulate ideas in “images,” the image is what drives the idea; I have to see it in my mind’s eye in order to get excited about it. In addition, the concept has to be topical, it has to be relevant to our audience.

Do you think that art magazines can play an important role in the art world?

A: Art magazines play a significant role in the art world.  The leisurely reading about an artist in a publication, I feel, carries with it a significance that becomes more and more relevant, as a culture, as our reliance on digital technology becomes more prevalent.  Holding a magazine is more experiential, it is tactile, it is visual and engages more of our senses.


What’s your favorite aspect about being Editor-in-Chief of ARTisSpectrum?

A: Generating ideas is, by far, what I most enjoy about being Editor-in-Chief; it is the most creative aspect of what I do, this is what excites me the most and provides the greatest personal reward.

What’s the greatest challenge in putting together a magazine?

A:  The greatest challenge is in organizing the material for each issue; but thanks to an amazing staff, without which the magazine would not be possible, we are able to work together as a team to create what has become one of the most innovative and exciting art publications today!

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