It’s May, and that means that we are delighted to announce the biannual publication of Agora Gallery’s contemporary art magazine, ARTisSpectrum. The 27th edition is full of the excellent artist profiles that readers have come to expect, introducing art lovers and collectors to some of the talented international artists whose work displays the excitement and energy that art can embody.

The cover article of this issue focuses on the relationship between different forms of art and fashion, and the often complex but always intriguing and even inspiring connections between the two. Exploring the ways in which costume can express ideas and emotions, and how visual art of various kinds can inform this mode of expression, the article reminds us of the enormous and wide-ranging impact that art can have on all aspects of the world. This article is followed by a separate piece which focuses on three artists who have in some sense combined their love of art and their artistic process with their interest in materials and fashion with unique and delightful results.

In the Spotlight piece, you can discover the fascinating art of Carlo Proietto, whose main medium is fire. Many art lovers have never even heard of pyrography, but after reading this article you’ll wish you saw samples of it more often! In addition, readers will be interested to learn about the humanitarian efforts of artists who seek to combine their art with their desire to do good in the world. Four very different artists share their stories of using their knowledge of art to help others.

There are a number of articles by individual artists, including one by Roberta Dixon considering the importance of an artist finding a process which suits them and their individual talents, skills and motivation, and one on the pleasures of plein air painting, by Steven R. Hill. There is also one by John Stevenson which investigates and explores what he calls ‘the New York state of mind’ – something many visitors to NYC will doubtless find resonates with their own experience!

This edition also sees the return of regular favorites, including Evoking the Muse, in which artists share their impressions of New York and disclose the influence it has had on their art, and ARTbeat, which presents an artist’s view of cities around the world, with natives of those cities sharing their hints and tips for what to do as an art lover visiting their city. All this and more is ready and waiting for you in this latest issue of ARTisSpectrum.

The magazine is due to hit bookshops, stalls and shelves around New York shortly, and will be arriving at the homes of those who have subscribed to receive it soon after. If you just can’t wait and would like to get a sneak preview, however, the online edition is already available. Enjoy it – and feel free to fill in our feedback form. You can even suggest ideas for future articles!

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