Agora Gallery is delighted to announce the publication of the 24th issue of ARTisSpectrum, our contemporary art magazine. A must-read for those who enjoy keeping up with events and artists around the world and in Chelsea in particular, this most recent edition reflects Agora’s distinctive personality by combining an international flavor with a focus on what’s going on around the corner, in the heart of the New York art district.

The strongest ‘local’ element in this November edition is the cover article written by professional writer and journalist Benjamin Sutton, which traces the development of public art on the High Line, the unique open-air walkway, park and meeting area that has become a vital part of the neighborhood since its opening last year. A fascinating exploration of the different artworks that have appeared along the High Line and continue to enliven the area, bringing discussion and a sense of community to what is already a popular site, this article will give readers an insight into part of what makes Chelsea the special place that it is. Moving further abroad, in Muse Me artists who have recently visited New York speak of their impressions of the city and explain why they consider it in a sense their muse, inspiring them in their life and work.

Turning to the wider world, Art Beat presents the accounts of a number of artists who speak of what makes the art in their home town or city different to anywhere else – and why it’s worth visiting. From Athens to Mexico City and from Madrid to Kolkata, with plenty of others as well, this piece will give you a snapshot of the exciting atmosphere of international art. In another article, David LaBella discusses the recent trends in Japanese art, giving us a historical perspective that usefully informs the present time and sheds light on the art of a country which many find intriguing.

There are also a number of pieces discussing other topics of interest to artists and art-lovers. Debra Fitzsimmons talks about different forms of creativity, while Hally McGehean describes her unusual approach to combining fashion with fine art, and Alex Braverman discusses the importance of searching for the hidden rather than attempting to attain technical perfection. All this and much more means ARTisSpectrum 24 has something to appeal to everyone.

Naturally, part of what gives ARTisSpectrum its relevant and exploratory character is the tradition of artist profiles that are an essential aspect of every issue. These profiles focus on up-and-coming and established artists, presenting a sample of their work and explaining some of its background, whilst drawing attention to the finer details of each artist’s style and technique. An excellent resource for art-lovers and collectors, these profiles show how art is developing right in front of our eyes.

Physical copies of ARTisSpectrum are available at Agora Gallery, as well as at a number of locations around New York. The magazine can also be viewed online here. Regular readers are invited to visit the site and admire the new design!