At Agora Gallery we’re very excited this month, as May sees the publication, both online and in print, of the latest edition of contemporary art magazine ARTisSpectrum. As many readers will remember, ARTisSpectrum is a biannual magazine, and this latest publication will be the first of 2010.

As always, ARTisSpectrum contains profiles of some of the most talented and innovative contemporary artists in the international art community. They represent a range of artistic styles, themes and preferences, but are united by their determination, talent and high level of skill. Art lovers and collectors will relish the opportunity of this insight into the work of both emerging and established artists.

There is also a selection of feature articles, which present a broader perspective on the art world as a whole. David LaBella offers a critique of the modern relationship of art and political or social upheaval and development, while Debra Fitzsimmons suggests methods of successfully coping with the challenges of combining the artistic process and the production of art with the demands of other career-related responsibilities and parenthood.

T. Mikey succeeded in interviewing two well-known and influential graffiti artists, members of a continually developing and evolving form of art who are notoriously unwilling to discuss their work, and the result is in this volume of ARTisSpectrum. Another article tackles some common misconceptions about the age-old pricing problem, and offers some suggestions of things artists should be considering when they price their work, as well as warning against things they shouldn’t be.

In another piece, Agora Gallery’s director, Angela Di Bello, discusses the work of Lego artist Nathan Sawaya, whose exhibition in Agora’s adjacent gallery space was so popular earlier in the year. The Spotlight piece focuses on Ruth Gilmore Langs, whose work proved to resonate with a wide audience during her solo exhibit, also in the adjacent gallery, and gives an insight into her methods and inspiration. One article also takes a look at the New York experience for artists, the attraction of the city and what it gives to those who visit it and to those who show work here.

All this and more awaits between the covers of the 23rd issue of ARTisSpectrum, which can also be found online here. Don’t miss out – dive in!