Agora Artists Pre-Reception Arrival Collage

In the few days leading up to the opening reception, we’ve been experiencing quite the “red carpet” style arrival of many of our artists, who all posed with their works, families, and gallery staff upon arrival.

It was a beautiful night of many familiar and new faces at Agora Gallery’s June 18th, 2015 opening reception. Heralding the shows In Reverie of Form, Spatial Articulation, and Sensorial Sensibilities, artists and guests gathered from all over the world on our two floors of gallery space.

Branko Miskovic and his sculpture "Light in my Heart"

Branko Miskovic and his sculpture “Light in my Heart”

Among the attendees was Branko Miskovic, the artist responsible for the emotional and surreal figurative¬ sculptures standing, crouching, and slouching in our first-floor gallery. Branko’s sculpture “Light in My Heart” bears a resemblance to the artist, although the work is not a self-portrait. “When I don’t have a model, I look in the mirror,” he explains. With these sculptures visible from our store-front window, they are sure to generate plenty of interest!

Charles and Kristen Weiss

Charles Weiss and his wife, Kristin, pose between two of his works.

“When I was nine years old, I went to a museum for the first time and saw a Brillo Box by Andy Warhol,” says Charles Weiss. The experience clearly stuck. Charles’s works draw from the Pop Art movement (of course, referenced greatly by his piece Andy Warhol), utilizing stark and recognizable iconography and energetic paint splatter to draw his own take on various aspects of Americana. “Gas & Beer,” a work on display, is¬ part of¬ Neons on Ninety, a series depicting neon signs seen on Highway 90 in Richmond, Texas. “I love mixing a commercial, industrial style with expressionism,” Charles says.

M.L. Burdick Poses with Silver Spoor

Artist M. L. Burdick¬ poses with her work, “Silver Spoor.”

Our fans may recall the work of Jordan Clayton, which sold in the last exhibition. His microbiology-inspired abstracts find a kindred spirit in the works of¬ M.L. Burdick, who is currently featured in our Spatial Articulation exhibition. Burdick’s ink and mixed media works explore the beauty in magnified organisms and biology, and the artist is interested in how viewers react to her work. “It’s a shift,” she says. “You can actually see their emotional response.” Burdick is currently working on a series that portrays emotions. “Joy and grief are easy,” she says about putting emotions on a canvas. Boredom, however is more difficult. “How do you portray boredom in an interesting way?” As for us, we can’t wait to see!

Zlata Hurtic with guests

Zlata Hurtic speaking with guests at the opening reception on June 18th, 2015.

Zlata Hurtic, hailing from Vancouver (where the women’s FIFA world cup is currently taking place) says that her work is intuitive. “Interesting things happen when you let yourself be,” she explained. For Zlata, the energy she puts into each painting is represented visually. “I believe how I feel when I’m doing the piece, viewers pick up on that. They can sense it.”¬ You can really see how this is true, when you take in her¬ painting “Life Journey,” a visual suggestion of the¬ questions and apprehensions that accompany pondering the future.

Tyrone Laval poses beside David George's painting

Tyrone Laval worked as a live model for David George, and he was a surprise guest tonight at the reception!

The expressive, figurative paintings by¬ David George¬ speak to the social condition of our contemporary time. With expressive body language and uncomplicated settings, George poses recognizable and intriguing narratives, often using his friends as models. As compelling as the pieces on display are, David maintains that his “favorite piece is always the one I’m working on.”

artbit screenshot

Artbit is available on the App Store and on Google Play

Again, the artwork in this exhibition was all accessible through the¬ brand new app: Artbit. Known by some as the¬ ‚ÄúShazam for art,‚ÄĚ Artbit allows¬ visitors to identify any piece and learn more simply by pointing their phones and snapping a picture. Agora Gallery is excited to be pioneering this app in the NYC art world, and we encourage any visitors to test it out!

Agora Gallery is open from 11 am ‚Äď 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday, and we would love to welcome you to our location!¬ Not able to make it to New York? Please subscribe to our¬ mailing list¬ and follow us on Facebook.

Opening Reception June 18


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