The 22nd edition of ARTisSpectrum, the contemporary art magazine published biannually by Agora Gallery, went online today and will shortly reach galleries, collectors, art-lovers and consulates throughout New York.

Cover of vol 22 of contemporary art magazine ARTisSpectrum

As ever, one of the primary areas of interest in ARTisSpectrum is the profiles it contains of innovative and exciting emerging and mid-level artists, which can be of help to dealers, galleries and collectors internationally in keeping up to date with new and fresh talent. The work of the artists profiled covers a wide range of artistic styles, as is obvious from even a glance at the images which illustrate the descriptive text. It is also interesting to consider the different sources of inspiration which motivate and move different artists, and reflect on the impact that background and the natural world have had on individual artists.

Notable in this edition is the ‘Spotlight’ piece on John Nieman in which the artist discusses the intimate relationship between words and images which plays a major role in much of his work, combining to express the fundamental concept with which he always begins. In the style of an interview, this piece conveys a sense of the artist’s motivation, and how his previous experience in advertising and working with various media contribute to his current artwork.

As well, there are of course a number of feature articles. The cover piece delves into the unique character of our very own Chelsea district to discover what it is about this area that makes it what it is, and takes a look at what it might become. It focuses particularly, though not exclusively, on examples of the art-related institutions that represent the vibrant artistic atmosphere that has grown up in the district. Those who have exhibited in Agora Gallery, or at another location in this center of national and international art, may be particularly interested in this picture of the area.

Betsey Chesler, Orphan

There’s also a personal account written by photojournalist and artist Betsey Chesler of her travels in Africa and how her camera helped her to form bonds with the people she met and the things she saw, and a fascinating run through the history of Modern art (and what is not so modern about it) by David LaBella.

To enjoy these and the other treats in store for a reader of ARTisSpectrum, go to the website of this contemporary art magazine to find the online version and start exploring.

If you have any thoughts about a particular article (or articles) that caught your attention, or something you would like to share about one of the topics or themes discussed in the magazine, do let us know on the blog. The comments section, as ever, is at your disposal.