Agora Gallery’s biannual contemporary art magazine, ARTisSpectrum, was published online today, it will be hitting the newsstands within the next couple of weeks.

The latest edition includes profiles of emerging artists, as well as critiques of established ones, making it a good place to search for up and coming talent or catch sight of a fresh look that is heading to the world stage. Notable is ‘Etched in Light‘, a piece about artist Marty Maehr, whose beautiful creations place significant emphasis on color, producing an effect similar to stained glass windows.

Cover of contemporary art magazine ARTisSpectrum, Vol 21

There are also a number of feature articles. ‘For the People’is Bill Buschel’s expression, in a kind of graphic novel meets photo journal format, of the emotions and thoughts he felt as part of the crowd gathered in the streets of Washington for the inauguration of President Obama.

Lessons from the Bone Yard of the Old Masters‘ takes a rather whimsical look at the trends of modernism in art, as digital photography continues to take over older technologies, and has some interesting things to say about the development of the Abstract Expressionist movement, and the birth of Impressionism. Did you know that a respected member of the art world thought at the time that Impressionism ‘will have had its day and be superseded by something still more grotesque, if that is possible’?!

Of course, there’s more – including advice from a competition juror about what to do if you don’t win the prize – but to find out more you’ll have to go to ARTisSpectrum to see for yourself!