This Thursday, April 7th, Agora Gallery hosted another one of our famous opening receptions, bringing together artists, art lovers, and collectors from around the world. This reception honored 25 superbly talented artists in three exhibitions: Forms and Formalities, East Meets West: An Exhibition of Fine Art from Asia, and In Light of Being: Nonye Ikegwuoha / a solo exhibition. With 20 of the exhibiting artists in attendance, it was quite night!

Gallery Director Angela Di Bello introducing the artists

Gallery Director Angela Di Bello introducing the artists

We caught up with a few of the artists and spoke about where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they’re going to go.


Mobarick Abdullah III

Mobarick Abdullah III

Mobarick Abdullah III at his Agora Gallery reception

An avid drawer as a kid, Mobarick Abdullah III grew up to be an established illustrator. It wasn’t until he had taken 7 years off from his illustration that his girlfriend asked him to make her a painting, something which he didn’t know if he could do. However, her encouragement and excitement is what made him realize that he could do something more, and more he did!

Abdullah’s technicolor artworks take iconic portraits and landscapes into a completely new and unique place – one that is incredibly vibrant and energetic. When asked about what inspired him to use his colors so boldly, he tied it back to a familiar childhood experience for many of us. “I always had those small crayon boxes growing up, but when my mom brought home the 64 pack of colors, my world changed,” Abdullah says.

You can see more of Mobarick Abdullah III’s entrancing works here.



Caro Ward

Caro Ward with her works

Caro Ward with her works

Equestrian and artist Caro Ward lives a pretty incredible life in the English countryside, creating beautiful paintings that truly capture the soul of her subjects – horses. She has traveled world-wide, taking her enthusiasm and her paintings with her, but bringing her works to New York was something completely new.

“I’ve had a relationship with New York since 1979!” Ward says. “Coming to New York was pretty scary, but I just feel that this has been such a buzz and an amazing experience for me to have my paintings here. It’s been gratifying.” But her favorite part? “I feel like I’ve become a part of a family, one that stretches across the world.”

Ward’s excitement is as captivating as her dignified equestrian portraits. You can see more of Caro Ward’s emotive paintings here.



Su-Jeong NAM

Artists Su-Jeong NAM and Caro Ward at their opening reception

Artists Su-Jeong NAM and Caro Ward at their opening reception

Growing up with weak eyesight, Su-Jeong NAM learned to concentrate on the delicate details of every object she saw, giving a unique perspective of every-day things. “I love to present this vision of something familiar while bringing out an aspect invisible to most people, through the language of my own artistic process,” she says

NAM’s intricate works have been recognized internationally with her most recent accomplishments including being one of 16 artists selected from the provinces of Korea to participate in a national exhibition from June-July 2016, as well participating in an exhibition in Paris, France in May 2016.

You can see Su-Jeong NAM’s meticulously detailed works here.



Nonye Ikegwuoha

Nonye Ikegwuoha with his work, "M-Series Part 2"

Nonye Ikegwuoha with his work, “M-Series Part 2”

Nonye Ikegwuoha is one of the most interested and genuinely kind people that you could ever hope to meet. Having grown up in Nigeria, he now splits his time mainly between Shanghai, London, and Nigeria while also traveling around the word with his architectural firm. His art reflects those experiences of moving between cultures and the journey of learning to accept one’s humanity.

Ikegwuoha’s newest series, “The M-Series” focuses on understanding the life of a migrant, dealing with displacement, vulnerability, hunger, and even death. “What I’m doing with the M-Series is trying to express what I understand to be a harrowing, dark experience. I hope to have found a way to communicate visually the experience in a way that cuts across borders,” he says. “In some way, we’re all migrants in life.”

You can see all of Nonye Ikegwuoha’s M-Series works and more here.

These artists and more are currently showing in Agora Gallery’s first and second floor spaces. You can see their work until April 21st, 2016 or view their art at

Agora Gallery is open from 11 AM – 6 PM Tuesday-Saturday. Admission is free.

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