If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have seen that it’s been a great past few weeks for Agora Artists in the news. And not just our artists – Agora Gallery itself has featured in the spotlight a few times lately.

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Agora Gallery in the Press

15 Best Art Galleries in New York

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Did you see that Foursquare recently ranked Agora on their curated list 15 Best Art Galleries in New York? We’re honored to have made the cut, featured alongside such giants as Gagosian Gallery, The Metropolitan Museum of ArtChristie’s, and Sotheby’s.


Eduardo Pola - Mandala Oil and Pyrogravure on Wood 24" x 7" x 9"

Eduardo Pola – Mandala
Oil and Pyrogravure on Wood
24″ x 7″ x 9″

World’s Finest Art Gallery Destinations

Australian travel insurance specialists InsureandGo featured a blog post on July 10th about the World’s Finest Art Gallery Destinations. Agora Gallery is listed by name as one of the “key destinations” in New York for art lovers. We can’t help but wonder if they stopped by during one of Agora’s Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art From Australia and New Zealand exhibits!


Contemporary Fine Art That Looks Like Minions

This cute listicle, Contemporary Fine Art That Looks Like Minions, on popular women’s website The Hairpin featured several of Agora’s artists for their so-called resemblance to Minions, the hyper and popular children’s characters, in celebration of the recently released film. The article featured works by Paul Morado, Paul Sonabend, Eduardo Pola (pictured above), and Helga Zumstein, all of whom are featured in the current exhibition, Répartie in Art.

Individual Agora Gallery artists in the press this week:

Agora in the Press COLP-ONE

Mixed Media on Panel
42″ x 38″

COLP-ONE: Still not loving police

Artist COLP-ONE showed at Agora Gallery this past winter, and he’s maintaining his buzz in his current exhibition at Joaquin Costa, 38. The show was featured on Barcelona’s online magazine, Le Cool, as COLP-ONE’s unique street art-inspired anti-establishment mixed media works are sure to make a strong impression in Barcelona’s art scene.

Agora in the Press - Paul Morado

Paul Morado
Acrylic on Canvas
24″ x 30″

Paul Morado: A World Full of Imagination

Not only famous for having art that looks a bit like a Minion, Paul Morado was featured on blog We Love Ladies First on July 10th, one day after the opening reception of his exhibition. “What I love most about his work is the fun, vibrant feels that it gives off and the richness of color quality.” – Savannah Nicole, Art Content Producer

Melissa Arostegui Red Line Oil on Canvas 48" x 24"

Melissa Arostegui
Red Line
Oil on Canvas
48″ x 24″

Melissa Arostegui: Des Plaines artist to Exhibit in NYC Art Show

We love when local media covers the New York exhibitions of their local artists. Illinois artist Melissa Arostegui will be showing her city-life paintings in Interpretative Realms from July 31st to August 20th. “Melissa Arostegui’s exhibit of mixed media, acrylic, and oil paintings reads like the diary of a stranger” – taken from her official press release.

Sarah Lockett: An Artist with North Devon Roots

Sarah Lockett: Old Boat Waiting

Sarah Lockett
Old Boat Waiting
Acrylic on Canvas
18″ x 24″

Sarah Lockett’s beautiful Devon-inspired paintings were featured in the Bideford Buzz, a local paper in the UK, for her upcoming exhibition. “Lockett first seascape was painted while living in Wisconsin, pining for her UK home. Inspired by summer beach days with her family, cycling by the seashore, and her home on the North Devon coast of England, Lockett paints scenes that capture the world around her.”

Vicky Talwar - Cosmic Harmony Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 36" x 36"

Vicky Talwar
Cosmic Harmony
Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas
36″ x 36″

Vicky Talwar: Stouffville Artist’s Work Going Up in New York City This Summer

This great article by Sandra Bolan in Stoufville Sun-Tribune went up on July 9th, promoting the upcoming exhibition of Vicky Talwar’s work at Agora Gallery. Talwar has exhibited in past years with Latcham Gallery in Stoufville, and we’re excited to see her botanical-themed works adorning Agora Gallery’s walls this July 31st.

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