Meet Pioneer Gallerist Miki Stiles

During Women’s History Month we celebrate the Founder of Agora Gallery, Ms. Miki Stiles.

by Eleni Cocordas

During Women’s History Month we celebrate the Founder of Agora Gallery, Ms. Miki Stiles (1947 – 2000).

Agora Gallery founder, Miki Stiles

Stiles was herself a painter and sculptor, moving from her native Israel to New York City in the early ’80s. When she couldn’t find a gallery to exhibit her work, she opened her own. In 1984 Agora Gallery was launched in Soho, the city’s pre-eminent downtown art district of the time, and the incubator of countless history making art careers, and fabled galleries.

The Dreamer

Agora grew in size, moving from Greene to Prince Street, then Broadway, and finally to West 25th Street in the city’s Chelsea arts district, the successor to Soho as New York’s art mecca.

Agora Gallery – 560 Broadway

In over 30 years, the Gallery’s mission has grown exponentially to show and shape the careers of thousands of artists from the world over — a true ‘agora’ in every sense of the Greek word, becoming a central public gathering space for the exchange of artistic ideas as well as commerce. Miki Stiles ran her gallery with determination and flair, and in a very competitive environment, she thrived, as has her creation, Agora Gallery.


Our hats off to Miki Stiles for her determination and vision! We are proud to carry on her legacy!

Miki Stiles, Artexpo New York and at a reception at Agora Gallery, 1994

With over 30 years of experience representing artists from around the world, Agora Gallery offers artists the opportunity to present their work to a broad range of national and international art collectors and buyers. Looking for an opportunity to enhance your career? Visit our Gallery Representation And Artist Promotion page for more information.

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