5 Steps to Promoting Your Art on Facebook

Facebook can help you establish yourself as a professional artist, expand your web presence, directly connect you with over 1.8 billion users, and make it easier for those interested in your work to find you.

by Rita Job

Many artists understand the importance of presenting and promoting their art on social media. Even the ones who absolutely loathe it – you know who you are – admit that online presence is absolutely necessary in this day and age. So, if you’re interested in building exposure for your art and sharing your work with a wider audience, having a professional artist profile on Facebook can be an incredibly powerful promotional tool. Facebook can help you establish yourself as a professional artist, expand your web presence, directly connect you with over 1.8 billion users, and make it easier for those interested in your work to find you.

So, how do you get in on the action? The answer lies in a 5-step plan that has been tried and proven true for many artists.


promoting art on facebook

Step One: CREATE

Start by creating an official artist’s page on Facebook. You probably already have a personal profile that you use to keep in touch with friends and family but to promote your art you’ll need a professional page, not a profile. This distinction is important not only because using a personal page for business violates Facebook’s Terms of Service, but also because it limits what you can do to promote your art on the platform.

Important! If you need to create a brand new page, start here: Create a Professional Artist Page on Facebook

As you set up your page, try to fill in as many details about yourself as an artist as possible. You can use part of your artist statement in the About section and be sure to add links to your website, Instagram, Twitter and any other places you use to promote your work.
When coming up with the name for your new artist’s page, use your professional artist name (or pseudonym) or, if that’s taken, try adding words related to your art, without making it too difficult to remember.

Finally, publish your page and invite your personal friends to ‘Like’ it!

Step Two: POST

Now that your page is set up, how often should you update it? While we recommend that you start with posting at least once a week, this part totally depends on you and your personality.

You don’t want to bore your fans with too little information, but you also don’t want to overwhelm their newsfeeds, either. Think about what you’re comfortable with and then stick to that schedule. Of course, this is just a rough guideline – if you’re on vacation, don’t stress out about having to post 3 times a week, and equally, if something particularly exciting is happening that you’re sure your fans would like to know more about, you can share the event with them by posting more often.

Keep content relevant to your fans and don’t post overly personal or unrelated information.

Since there are so many options when it comes to posting, try varying your types of posts. Instead of always posting a status update, post a video of you creating art or a photo album of your latest exhibition of work.
Keep your content relevant to your fans and don’t post overly personal or unrelated information.

Remember, this isn’t your personal account and your fans may not be interested in photos from breakfast. On the other hand, don’t stick too firmly to pictures of your work; remember that Facebook is social media, and you’re promoting yourself as well as your work. You want to encourage your fans to care about you as an artist, as well as the works that you create. Be friendly and approachable as well as professional.

Step Three: ENGAGE

promoting art on facebook
Arlette Zurbuchen, Facebooks Teenie, 2014

Remember, social media is about engaging with one another. You want to connect with and receive responses from your Facebook community. Ask questions, post helpful hints and links to articles that your audience will ‘Like’ and share.

Once you start making posts and receiving feedback, you will develop an understanding of your audience and a deeper relationship with your community. You will quickly understand what type of posts they like and what info they don’t care about.
Make it fun and stay true to who you are as an artist but think of ways to entertain your fans who will support and spread your brand as an artist.

Another part of engagement is staying active in Facebook’s community. ‘Like’ the pages of your favorite museums, galleries, and other artists to see what’s happening around your city and what others are doing. Comment on their posts, attend events, and participate in discussions. This is one of the best ways to make yourself visible, forge new relationships, and drive traffic to your artist page.

Some artists are worried that by ‘Liking’ other artists’ pages they’re creating competition for themselves. We disagree. We think that supporting each other, offering feedback and complimenting others where it’s due is important. Doesn’t it feel great when someone talented comments on our work and genuinely praises it? It also feels good to return the favor.

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Step Four: BUILD

There are several ways to build a larger audience for your artist page. The very first thing you should do is invite your friends to ‘Like’ your artist page. When people ‘Like’ and follow your page, their friends will see it in their newsfeeds and that might bring you additional fans. Engaging with other pages and in groups by commenting and participating in conversations will add to your exposure. People are curious creatures and will undoubtedly visit your page after seeing your comments and other input.

Staying active in Facebook’s art community is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the world.

Try Facebook ads to promote your page. Facebook spent millions of dollars developing its advertising platform and it has paid off – it’s one of the best and easiest to use out there. And the best thing about it is that it’s cheap. For literally pennies, you can bring hundreds and thousands of people to your page and accumulate a large following in a short amount of time.

promoting art on facebook
Like on Facebook

There are many other things that you can do promote your Facebook artist page without actually doing it on the platform. If you have an artist website or a blog, add a Facebook icon to the homepage so people can follow you on social media. Don’t’ forget your newsletter! You can also incorporate Facebook’s logo into your exhibition invites or even business cards.



Now that you have created a one-stop resource about your artwork, you need to maintain the quality of your Facebook page. Make sure you continue to post on a regular basis and note which types of posts your fans like so you can keep the good times rolling.

promoting art on facebook
Post art-related images, helpful hints, videos, and articles that your fans will enjoy and share.

Also, keep up with the latest Facebook trends. Watch other artists and relevant organizations develop their promotional strategy and incorporate their strategies into your own page promotion.

Things to watch out for:

  • Don’t oversell your page! No one likes a never-ending sales pitch, especially on Facebook, which people think of as primarily social in nature.
  • Don’t post the same thing over and over! Think about the content you’re posting. The content on the best Facebook pages is carefully curated and well thought through. Study your favorite pages and take note of what they do to make you excited to see their content.
  • Don’t take things personally! Remember that Facebook is an online community and people can act quite differently online that they do in the real world. If you get a negative comment, don’t despair and take it close to heart. Delete the comment and move on.

Most of all, however, have fun! This is your page and you are the king of it. Be as expressive as you wish, experiment, create and be yourself.
If you follow these simple steps you’ll see your own community grow and flourish. You’ll make new friends, acquire life-long fans, and learn just as much from them as they learn from you.

However, if you find that you don’t have enough time to effectively engage with your community, you can gets us to do it through our “Social Media For Artists” service. We have an entire website dedicated to it so go to socialmedia4artists.com to learn more.

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With over 30 years of experience, Agora Gallery offers artists the opportunity to present their work to a broad range of national and international art collectors and buyers. Looking for an opportunity to enhance your career? Visit our Gallery Representation And Artist Promotion page for more information.

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  • Useful article! It is difficult to promote your art in social networks, maybe ordinary services and goods, yes. But art is not for everyone.
    The famous artist Lionid Afremov was selling his paintings all the time through the online gallery, and now it is smoothly flowing more and more into social networks. He recently passed away, but you can still see, evaluate and purchase his paintings.

  • HI, Agora-gallery!

    I really like things that are well done – from chimpanA to chimpanZ. And, this article was the whole barrel of chimps. That said, my art is expressed via photography: in particular, it is focus stacked macro botanical photography. Yeah, that kind of narrows it down to a single chimp – but one with a unique smile, great personality, and 24″ orchestra cymbals, not those tiny finger cymbals the other chimps use. My question is, how do I post anything other than low res small images that cannot possibly show the uniqueness of the image without the possibility of the photo art being stolen? Copying via screen grabs, up resing, removing watermarks, and printing or using the digital file on desktop or mobile devices is really easy … and all too common. Of course it is illegal, but it happens all the time. Any advice is really appreciated.

  • Very informative and useful steps for creating professional presence as an artist on face book.
    Thanks for sharing this information.
    Warm regards
    Promila kaul

  • It is always a tough job to sense the flutter in social media. But your blog is really informative for artists to promote their artworks on Social media platforms. We too have similar content and i hope it will be helpful for artists to increase their sales using social media marketing.

  • Thanks for a great article.
    How important is it to have a niche or making your art in series, I like trying new type of artwork, but are often told to make more of one kind. Have a great day ?
    You can see my art here: facebook.com/ArtByMikkelHansen

    • Hi Mikkel,

      Creating your work in a series is certainly one of the best things you can do to build up your sales but it is important, as a artist, to follow your creative direction as well.

  • Great Article. How do you feel about making announcements on FB about a big sale of your work? Not quite sure how to put it out there.

    • Dear Carol,

      That’s absolutely fine. You are simply sharing your achievements with your audience and potential buyers. A simple note about the painting and maybe an image would be just perfect! You could also consider tagging the buyers.

  • Very interesting article about promoting art. I also recommend to post every day to your page, even if you share other’s interesting posts.

    • Thank you, Marius! That’s definitely a good way to attract more traffic.

  • Thank you Agora Gallery, this is a really helpful article. I have a facebook business page and was looking for some straight forward information on managing my page more effectively. Also, as a new Instagramer, your article on using this was also particularly helpful.

  • I am wondering how I can go about selling my paintings. I consider myself an “advanced beginner”, if that makes any sense. Mostly I have been painting landscapes and floral scenes, but now I’m slowly getting into figure drawing / painting. A friend asked me yesterday if I’ve ever sold any of my paintings, and she was shocked when I said that I haven’t.

  • I am investing money to promote my page.. its really helpful. but I want more likes on my page for this I cant invest everyday. so please suggest how i can do to fulfill my target?

    and also tell me difference b/w Ads and promotion on page?

    tell me more such small idea to promote my page? please suggest thanks in advance.

  • I would also recomend investing a couple of bucks on Facebook Ads targeting people/businesses interested in arts in your city/neighbourhood. This is a great marketing strategy!

  • Thank you for the informative article. Would you also recommend a blog for artists? Or is Facebook enough?

    • Dear Peter, having a blog on your artist website will keep the site regularly updated with fresh content. Remember to share new blog posts on your Facebook artist page!

  • I have become friends with many artists whose work I admire on Facebook over the years but many of them have do not engage with my art posts and ignore my invites to like my business page. I feel unsupported by my fellow artists and I’m wondering if I should start pruning back my friends list? How can I network with people who are indifferent or perhaps secretly dislike the work I do? Should I let them go as friends and focus on the people who do support me?

    • Dear Sara, I understand that this can be very frustrating! Putting your heart and soul into something and not seeing much in terms of results can be discouraging, but I’d like to remind you that you shouldn’t take things personally when it comes to social media. Getting people’s support is hard enough in person and it’s even harder online.
      You are absolutely correct in wanting to focus on people that do support you – they are your loyal friends and fans and I would recommend engaging with and supporting them as much as they support you.
      Personally, I would not recommend deleting people from your friends list. Try not to focus too much on them and one day you’ll hopefully be pleasantly surprised to see them coming around.
      Good luck with everything, Sara, and let us know if there is anything else!

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  • Hi! i’m a somewhat new artist, i’ve been trying to use facebook to sell some comissions, but first i need promoting, and everything i’ve been doing until now its between the 5 steps you mentioned(except for step 3, since ppl dont comment or anything in my posts) but its too damn slow! >.>
    I got the feeling that no matter what i do it isnt working, since very few people like or comment my posts

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  • Just found your site on a google search and i’ve been glued to if for a couple of hours now. Lots of really esefull info here so thanks for the tips. Hope this is not uncool to post a tip of mine here but thought it was worth a mention. Theres a really usefull tool bar for search engines called add this. This allows you to share your work from your website to your social feeds and it creates a link directly to your website which helps to drive people back to your website. It has changed the way i now share my work. Hope it helps people out.

    • Lee, can you explain where to find the “add this” in our search engines? It sounds like a really good piece of advice, but I don’t understand where to find it, in Safari for instance? or is it in Facebook? Really curious about this…thanks for sharing.

  • Iam tallented in art .. I need help to post my art

    • Hi Victor,

      We’re here to help artists like you. Is there something specific you needed advice on? We’d be happy to consider your questions for a new article.

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