Give Your Career A Boost With Art Competitions

Madiha Abdo tells us how participating in art competitions like the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition has helped boost her artistic career.

With Chelsea International Fine Art Competition occurring yearly, we wanted to tell you how participating in art competitions and similar events can help your career. However, to really illustrate the positive outcomes of participating in art competitions, we thought we’ll go straight to the source!

art competitions 2017
Destination, Photograph on Metallic Paper, 2015

Madiha Abdo participated in the 30th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence along with an 18-month representation package. A prolific photographer producing enigmatic black and white photographs, Madiha has participated and won a number of art competitions including the International Photographer Of The Year (IPOTY) Award, ND Awards as well as the Tokyo International Foto Awards.

Here is what she has to say about participating in art competitions.

Do you participate in art competitions often? What do you like about participating?

Yes, I do. The one thing that I like about participating in art competitions is the platforms these participations give me to enter my best works for the judgment of world known jurors, a fact that motivates me to show my best creative capabilities.

How do you find art competitions and other opportunities and what criteria helps you decide to participate?

I consider art competitions and other related opportunities very important for my artistic journey, as they help me get more needed exposure and become more self-confident. My decision to participate in art competitions might generally depend on whether I view or not such art competitions relevant to my chosen field of work.

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How do you choose which images to enter?

I choose to enter what I really consider to my best images, in relation to the subject of the art competition.

art competitions 2017
Dark Composition 2, Photograph on Metallic Paper, 23.5 x 24

How do you think participating in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (and other art competitions) benefited your career?

Participating in art competitions, in particular, the Chelsea International Fine Art one has indeed benefited me very much, as I started receiving wider exposure than before, and more and more galleries were emailing me wondering whether I might be interested in a representation with their galleries, having come across my name and works through Agora Gallery.

You have participated in a number of photography/ fine art competitions. Do you have any advice for budding artists regarding art competitions?

My advice is to be self-confident and not too shy to enter your best works that you think might be well considered by the jurors. And to keep always high, being patient and optimist. Never to get disappointed and lose hope if unsuccessful. Keep always going until achieving your goals.

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Chelsea International Fine Art Competition accept entries here. Take inspiration from Madiha’s exciting journey so far and begin your own with us!

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      You can access more information about the Photography Competition here on our website.

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