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Ponce Enrile
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Digitally Represented Artists
December 31 - December 31, 9999

Sal Ponce Enrile aims for pure, uncensored expression. The Filipina painter creates energetic abstract compositions, employing acrylic, mixed media, and a variety of textures on canvas. She equates her paintings to controlled chaos, where contrasting colors and brushstrokes are fervently applied but manifest into an overall cohesive arrangement.

Enrile’s oeuvre is a demonstration of resilience. She has a condition known as essential tremor, wherein her right-hand shakes uncontrollably, often making it difficult to draw simple straight lines. However, she has embraced this unique circumstance and allows her hands to flow freely to create work that is imperfect yet harmonious. Her background in politics has allowed her to witness firsthand the many challenges marginalized people face, and her work is heavily inspired by the people that she has publicly served for years. Enrile's multilayered work reflects her experiences, desires, as well as her fears. She aspires to inspire strength and hope through her paintings, affirming that, “the more I paint, the more I can support the needs of others and help fulfill their dreams through the various charities that my work supports.”

Sal Ponce Enrile Up-close
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