Nora Sidoine
The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition
Agora Gallery
New York,NY
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The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition
December 5 - December 15, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 6, 2018, 6-8 pm
Improntas V

Improntas V Acrylic & Mixed Media on Gasa 51" x 35"

The artwork of Nora Sidoine pays homage to her native Peruvian heritage. It is informed by the arid landscape of Peru’s northern desert coast: and area rich in remnants of pre-Colombian cultures. Ruins of ancient cities, legends, and artistic traditions passed down through generations strongly affected the artist early in life and continue to lend their force to her artwork. Sidoine writes that her ancestors envisioned the universe as patchwork, woven together to form a unified whole. Echoing this vision, she works with fabric, which she paints, cuts, tears, and arranges as a kind of collage, using canvas, gauze, or burlap as background. Like the weavers of the past, she aims to symbolically recreate the universe in this process.

While abstract, Sidoine’s mixed media pieces refer to the landscape, often in bird’s eye view. This cosmic perspective also allows to interpret these images as magical symbols or a kind of lost language. On several levels at once her paintings represent an archeological exhumation of the distant past and a grounding in this rediscovered history.

Nora Sidoine Up-close
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Nora Sidoine Up-close
Nora Sidoine Up-close
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