Howard Harris
Collective Exhibition
Agora Gallery
New York,NY
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Collective Exhibition
March 4 - March 25, 2020
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 5, 2020, 6-8 pm

For Howard Harris, visual reality is an ever-shifting, highly individualized experience. Merging technology with aesthetics, his work is influenced by optical art, quantum physics and chaos theory. Blending mixed media, intense color, and abstraction, Harris recreates the concept of perception, with its dynamic nature and hidden complexities. Using a patented process, he layers a single, abstract image over itself onto a clear acrylic surface, then superimposes it onto a grid. The resulting Aluminum digital c-prints offer complex, perceptual experiences for the viewer.

“In any given moment, what we see reflects both our inner state, and a synthesis of outer qualities—light, color, movement, space,” said the artist. Born in Denver, Harris is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and the Pratt Institute, where he earned a Masters in Industrial Design. “The quest to create for others overpowered my desire to create for myself.” As such, Harris has spent his career negotiating between art and design, creating within others’ parameters, and now, his own. Present in his work are the universal principles of design that produce the qualities associated with beauty—dimensionality and fluidity.

Howard Harris Up-close
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