Eunhyue Shin
Artexpo New York
Agora Gallery
New York,NY
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Artexpo New York
April 4 - April 7, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, April 5, 2019, 6-8 pm
New York Rhapsody

New York Rhapsody Mixed Media on Panel 67" x 47"
In Eunhyue Shin’s art, many boundaries are crossed — between East and West, abstraction and representation, and music and other art forms. Musical instruments figure prominently in her works, whether she is disassembling them to form daring collages on canvas, or painting on wooden surfaces that take the shape of instruments. Often, her pieces are inspired by musical compositions. She will select a piece of music, and by researching its historical background as well as the influences other artists had on its composer, she takes us on a journey toward the music’s essence while creating a visual world that stands on its own terms.

Painting in acrylics, Shin makes the most of their intense colors. The delicacy and precision of her style allow her to create convincing effects of depth and space, in addition to the sharp grids of pure color and thickly textured patterns of paint. The resulting works have a powerful physical presence, bringing her sources of inspiration alive. The artist lives and works in South Korea, where she runs the art and design company Olive Tree.

Eunhyue Shin Up-close
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Eunhyue Shin Up-close
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