Caspar Baum
Distant Observations of Abstraction & Tradition
Agora Gallery
New York,NY
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Distant Observations of Abstraction & Tradition
April 8 - April 29, 2020
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 9, 2020, 6-8 pm
New York

New York Oil on Canvas 75" x 55"

Born in Germany, Caspar Baum was influenced early on by the gothic cathedrals in France, and several visits to Venice and Asia. His oil and acrylic on canvas works reflect his affinity for light, structure, shadow-play, and illumination while invoking the natural layering and separation of an environment. Carefully dividing his canvas into portions, Baum ruminates on the earth’s wonder, re-composing man- made treasures, and piecing each segment of canvas together to create an imaginative, subdued locale.

“My paintings depict my artistic journeys—incorporating elements of travel, fascination, discovery, and cultural interaction,” said the artist. Inspired by the quietude and meditative nature of the Orient, for example, Baum seeks to establish harmony and balance in his work. Unobstructed backgrounds are leveled with the allocation of the subject, be it a forest, valley or surface of a structure. As the piece takes hold and shape, Baum becomes the brave intruder creating an integrative diary of the earth’s natural vastness. Baum has previously exhibited at the Deutsche Bank Foundation, the Ulmer Museum, the Hans Werner Henze Collection, and the Richard Meier Studio and Agora Art Gallery, both in New York.

Caspar Baum Up-close
View Distant Observations of Abstraction & Tradition
Caspar Baum Up-close
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