Alejandro Miras
The Ethereal Dance: A Winter's Dream
Agora Gallery
New York,NY
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The Ethereal Dance: A Winter's Dream
December 1 - December 22, 2021
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 2, 2021, 6-8 pm

Azoteas Watercolor 25" x 25"

Alejandro Miras focuses on capturing impressions in his watercolor and oil paintings, usually working in situ to better capture the light, sounds, and smells of his subject and bring them to life on his canvas. Studying and working in Barcelona, Miras draws on both the landscape and the architecture of the city to create work that captures the movement, energy, and life happening in the streets, striving for honesty to let the viewer make their own interpretations of the work.

In his landscapes, Miras does not depict the scene exactly but rather lets his interpretation breathe and come alive on its own, recreating it in his imagination to give each composition a sense of melancholy. Inspired by the lightness of Impressionism and the strong brushstrokes in Expressionism, Miras’ paintings seem to take on a life of their own, transporting the viewer to each place. As a child, Miras would accompany his architect father around Barcelona, observing and painting the city, and that spirit continues to imbibe his work today. He teaches architectural drawing and watercolor in Barcelona and in cities across Europe.

Alejandro Miras Up-close
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Alejandro<br />Miras Up-close
Alejandro<br />Miras Up-close
Alejandro<br />Miras Up-close
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